Our expertise

Lawyers from major companies and international law firms.

A different conception of practising law combining specialisation with a holistic approach to the world of business, beyond the science of law, to develop true engineering to achieve the company’s operational goal.

A pragmatic, dynamic approach to legal issues, dedicated to businesses and institutions, thanks particularly to the lawyers’ “corporate” experience.

Fee budgets tailored to client needs through small, flexible structures.

Assisting companies with their risk management and optimising their opportunities in the lawyers’ practice areas.

Our practice areas

InsurancePartners is a network of lawyers designed to develop dedicated insurance and reinsurance solutions in the following areas:


Warranty exclusion in French-based insurance contracts, an insoluble equation with variable parameters?

The debate on exclusion of warranty in insurance contracts is endless witness the numerous ongoing litigation cases before the French courts.

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Insurance Contracts : Limitations Are Already Underway

What is worthy of attention in your contracts and programmes in order to avoid broader limitations and poorer covers ?

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Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) Insurance

In respect of M&A transactions, the insurance market – first in the United Kingdom – has developed suitable warranties with insurers with the aim of externalising part of the risk transferred to the buyer by the seller. Indeed, in the aftermath of the transaction, it is not unlikely that a liability both the seller and buyer should not be aware of occurs while being already underlying before the transaction takes place. Buyers accordingly guard against this additional burden by using W&I, which those insurance policies try to partly externalise. The ultimate example is the tax risk carried by a company that did not comply with its obligations prior to the transaction but that actually turns out once the deal is done.

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