The MGA, a trendy (but not so new) beast Why?

On February 3rd, 2021, the underwriting agency Centrix announced its decision to join the Managing General Agents Association (MGAA) – the only association in the UK that represents and promotes the Managing General Agents (MGA) industry and its members. “A natural choice,” according to the newly created MGA (2019) fancying to expand its presence in the London market.

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Paris fantasizes the return of captive insurance companies

Jade Grandin de l’Eprevier – 24.05.21

Le ministère de l’Économie aimerait que les grands groupes qui choisissent de s’assurer eux-mêmes – en créant une captive d’assurance – le fassent en France plutôt qu’au Luxembourg

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The Naegelen Act: new insurance-related obligations

An eventful year 2020

In 2020, more and more insurance professionals suffered administrative sanctions by both the DGCCRF and the ACPR for failing to comply with obligations related to cold calling.

These sanctions are part of a legislative framework that is becoming increasingly restrictive for insurance product distributors.

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Warranty exclusion in French-based insurance contracts, an insoluble equation with variable parameters?

The debate on exclusion of warranty in insurance contracts is endless witness the numerous ongoing litigation cases before the French courts.

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Insurance Contracts : Limitations Are Already Underway

What is worthy of attention in your contracts and programmes in order to avoid broader limitations and poorer covers ?

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Warranty & Indemnity (W&I) Insurance

In respect of M&A transactions, the insurance market – first in the United Kingdom – has developed suitable warranties with insurers with the aim of externalising part of the risk transferred to the buyer by the seller. Indeed, in the aftermath of the transaction, it is not unlikely that a liability both the seller and buyer should not be aware of occurs while being already underlying before the transaction takes place. Buyers accordingly guard against this additional burden by using W&I, which those insurance policies try to partly externalise. The ultimate example is the tax risk carried by a company that did not comply with its obligations prior to the transaction but that actually turns out once the deal is done.

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